Last project update…

this will be the last update before finals start. I will continue to make things and upload them, however the progress will be slow because my computer sucks and it runs the Adobe programs slow.
but anyhow.. I added some new things to my business card and got them printed and made a new background/header for my site.


I have been working pretty hard lately on some projects.
I am working on a new header and background.
I am taking new photos.
I am making a logo for a band of my friend’s “Those In Peril”.
New material should be posted sometime next week by the looks of it.


My teacher assisted me in finding out why my pages were not lining up properly. Seems I had a text wrap on some things. Oops.
But anyway, everything is fixed and looks much better. Finishing up a few projects that should be posted sometime next week or so.
ps. here’s a flower I picked for my girlfriend.


I’ve been finishing up some of my past projects lately and completed one as well.
However, I have lost all my files on my flashdrive so some of my personal projects are lost.. oh well.
Here’s what I have completed.

This is the logo for the band Like Moths to Flames.

This is my new Personal logo for now. I really like how this turned out.